Kokosmakroner: coconut macaroons

Kokosmakroner (coconut macaroons) are one of the classic Norwegian Christmas cookies. I often make them with whole eggs, but this batch was with eggwhites only, and a new method of heating the cookie dough before baking. Interesting. My mother and I also made more brune pinner today, and vepsebol (wasp nests, eggwhite, almonds and grated chocolate), which are a recent family favourite. The cake boxes are filling up nicely. Good to get most of the baking done before the rest of the family arrive. I had a nice walk in the woods, skirting around icy patches on the path, marveling over how quiet it is here!

Kokosmakroner (coconut macaroons with eggwhites – makes a tray)

  • 150 gr eggwhites
  • 250 gr flaked coconut
  • 250 gr white granulated sugar
  • After heating: 1 tbs potato flour

No whisking: Mix eggwhites, coconut and sugar well in a saucepan and heat gently while stirring, for about 5- 6 minutes. This is mean to give a chewier cookie. The consistency should be like rice porridge. The dough did get a little stretchier while warming up. Keep stirring, the eggwhite should not cook. Once it is warmed through, take off heat and stir in potato flour. Drop dough in mounds in parchment-lined baking sheet. The cookie should hold its shape when dropped on cookie sheet with teaspoons. Bake 12 minutes or so in preheated oven at 180 C, in the middle of the oven, until they are lightly golden on top but not too dry. Store in air-tight box, keeps for ages.  

The sun stayed low on the horizon, but it was a beautiful day. No white Christmas expected, but nice to be home.

3 thoughts on “Kokosmakroner: coconut macaroons

    1. Thanks! Yes, these were nice. Best to make cookies people actually like. We are baking less this year, as there will be less entertaining, but there are still five kinds of Christmas cookies ready. Tomorrow, time to decorate the tree.

      1. Yes, I think my sister has scaled back the baking this year as well, opting instead to do bake-aways instead (making less but also sending some for people to collect on the doorstep).

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