Krumkaker for Christmas

A plate of Norwegian cookies: krumkaker, kokosmakroner, brune pinner, and vepsebol. Still no snow, but the house is full of family, which is great. The family WhatsApp chat has snaps of negative tests, so far all so good. We are all trying to eat more clementines and less cookies, but there is still a respectable selection. This is the krumkake recipe used this year, a classic from Tine (dairy co-op). Translation below. You will need a krumkake iron, usually electric. Last year I made regular, gluten-free, and vegan krumkaker but these are easier to make. After a walk in the woods, with sun and -9C, a cup of coffee and a cookie feels well deserved.

Krumkaker 2021
4 eggs
250 g sugar
250 g melted butter, a little cooled
250 g plain wheat flour
½ tsp cardamom, ground

Whisk eggs and sugar light and airy. Beat in butter, flour and cardamom. Rest half an hour. Add a little water if batter is too thick. Cook in krumkake iron, about a tablespoon of batter, and roll quickly on a small cone when golden before they cool. They should be thin and very crispy. Store air tight.

We are due to head to London next to see family, but are waiting to see if there are new restrictions announced for the UK tomorrow. If so, we may rebook flights. Best to be careful. It feels pretty safe here deep in the countryside, and so nice be home. I remember what it was like a year ago, with lockdown Christmas in Rome, which was good too but much quieter.

A lovely Christmas to all!


4 thoughts on “Krumkaker for Christmas

  1. Rather disappointed that I had no time to do a decent cookie bake this year, but I did buy the more expensive and fancy panettone to make up for it. Happy Holidays!

    1. Mmmmmm, are they doing the white chocolate and cranberry panettone again this year? That was a great recommendation from you last year. Happy New Year!

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