Scandinavian, compulsive baker, living in Rome with escapist fantasies about living in the country with an apple orchard….. but enjoying city life for now. Update March 2020: Yes, after four years in Accra, Ghana I am back in Rome. So much vegetables! And cheese!  I can bake again!
Herbs and saffron cheese

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  1. Wow! Living my dream! Your blog is absolutely beautiful, as is your life in Italy. I lived once in Gothenburg, Sweden. Loved it, want to go back and be that close to Europe again! One day…until then, I continue to visit your blog. Love it!

    1. Many thanks! I love your pastry making project, and look forward to reading more. (I just made macarons for the first time yesterday, which was fun though not quite what I had envisioned.)

  2. Scandinavian, living in Rome..how could I not follow you? I’m from Tuscany, I absolutely love Rome and I’m married with a norsk! 🙂

      1. Piacere mio!! I’ve lived in Rome for a short while a long time ago and I fell in love with la capitale! I live in the suburbs of Paris now, we moved when we had children, we chose a less hip but more quiet life. The city of lights is just 30 minutes away, anyway… 🙂 (I love krumkake, I posted a recipe on my blog a few months ago)

    1. Thanks! And likewise! I just bookmarked your potato scones, they look delicious (and should be perfect for a glutenfree guest next week). So nice of you to share!

  3. Ahhh mi manca Roma! I lived there for a little while and I just adore that city. I’m looking forward to following your blog!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, for a second thought that you might be baking gluten free when saw buckwheat bread, but soon realised your impressive bread recipes are not for me, but nice breads nevertheless!

  5. HI Krumkaker! Thank you for following my blog! You’re living in Accra?? Perhaps we shall cross paths in person one day! Feel free to email me at abenasara@live.com 🙂 Cheers and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Merry Christmas! Yes, I just moved to Accra for two years, great to be here. Though the internet and power situation can be challenging! Thanks for sharing your writing via your blog, and best wishes for those beautiful batik scrubs! Happy holidays!

  6. Fun to read through your move– it seems so daunting, but you seem to be moving ahead well. I would love to know what you are doing there?? It should be a fascinating place to live, if not always easy. Look forward to hearing more…

    1. Yes, it is an adventure! Since you asked: I am fortunate to currently be working for one of the development agencies here, across West African countries. Lots to do, lots to learn, and Ghana is a lovely country to be in. (Despite eight hours of power cuts here Christmas Day….. we were lucky, I hear other areas lose power for days on end.) Continued Merry Christmas to you!

      1. I guess you had a candle lit Merry Christmas. And that sounds like a satisfying vocation– doing something that actually is a huge help to people. Blessings on all that’s ahead…

  7. Thank you for liking my post on organizing. In Africa you must find some amazing spices for cooking! I look forward to checking out your blog.

    1. Oh, and I, too, have been living in a huge cities – now Bangkok – but as much as I love it, ever since Hong Kong have found myself fantasizing about a place where I can grow fruit trees.

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