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Saturday market in Accra


Today is the first Saturday of the month, which means the monthly craft market at the Goethe Institute. Clothes, carvings, baskets, bagels, jewelry: perfect time to get some Christmas presents.


Afrisocks were back in stock, some new patterns but socks for women are not available yet. When traveling for the holidays, lightweight gifts like these are very handy. I love the colours!


Not from the Goethe market but from Global Mamas: a picture book I hope my niece in Ireland will enjoy, with great Ghana photos.  Now I just need to see who gets what of Ghana chocolate, cocoa nibs, batik bags and local coffee.


Toys in local fabric. Lovely things, but it was hot and sticky  (32C, and very humid) so we escaped to Cafe Kwae for a cold drink.


The “God is Able” food joint, in Cantonments.  Next Friday is Farmer’s Day in Ghana and a public holiday, so we might go away for the weekend. Good to get most of the holiday shopping out of the way, and done locally. Now I just need to dig out my small bag of warm clothes and thermal underwear, and imagine how cold Norway will be in two week’s time.  Brrrrr………..


Three days in Malawi


Gorgeous local fabric. Malawi is in south-eastern Africa, bordering Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique.


New outfit, anyone? Lilongwe was quite spread out, with a marked Chinese influence.


Afternoon trip to Lake Malawi. We waded, then I remembered there is bilharzia there and made a quick escape to have a glass of Savannah cider.


Roadside businesses.


Who knew that Malawi makes very nice gin?


Side trip to Maldon, Essex


I’ve come though the new Kotoka terminal 3 a couple times now, the new airport terminal in Accra. Very bright and shiny, it will be interesting to see it when more facilities and shops are in place. Wild Gecko has a shop opening there, which will be nice. One recent trip was to London, with a side trip to Maldon. Yes, where Maldon salt is from!


Maldon is a small town in Essex, on the River Blackwater, an estuary in the east of England. It’s an hour from London by train and bus, and a nice little getaway with a ridiculous number of tearooms. Tiptree jams are also made nearby.


We ambled and looked at the water and sky, had good Chinese at the House of Delight, bought Maldon salt and Tiptree blackcuurant curd, and had a thoroughly nice minibreak.