Miso-baked salmon loin

salmalaksArriving at airports, you might winder what people have in their suitcases. Clothes, gifts, books; shoes, laundry, chargers? I almost always have food in mine, like this lovely salmon loin brought from Norway. Salmalaks, they call it: fresh salmon loin, really nice quality. Frozen, it transports quite well. From Norway I also bring back blueberries, goat cheese, rye flour and more. From Italy I bring parmesan, pesto,  and squid ink; and for our Christmas trip, we will pack espresso, a moka maker and cotechino (greasy sausage fro New Year’s, served over lentils). No wonder I worry if my suitcase is delayed! It usually works out OK though, and this salmon stayed safely frozen all the way to Rome.


Miso-baked salmon loin with red rice and leeks

One large salmon loin
Brown miso (maybe 2 tbs?)
A sprinkle of sesame seeds
1 tsp of olive oil

Heat the oven to 200C. Cover a baking tray with foil, and anoint the base of the salmon with oil (so it does not stick). Rub the miso paste in, so there is a light layer over the salmon. You could do this with smaller salmon pieces as well. Sprinkle a little sesame seeds over, if you like that. Time needed: Back loin: 6 min, Belly loin: 8 min. Rest two minutes before serving. This was belly loin, so eight minutes.

We had this with Sri Lankan red rice (nice nutty taste, bought near Piazza Vittorio in Rome) with a leek sliced and steamed with the rice the last five minutes. Very nice. Great leftovers next day. This was a sharp, salty dark brown miso. I also have some white miso I want to try with salmon, located at Naturasi (yes, Garbatella has a health food store since last year. Amazing!)

Happy holiday countdown to you all, wherever you are and whatever is in your suitcase!


5 thoughts on “Miso-baked salmon loin

  1. Rowena

    If we could have gone somewhere this month, hands down it would’ve been Paris! Still, the image of frozen salmon in your suitcase…gawd you are my idol!

    1. krumkaker Post author

      Paris would be amazing (though cold). Yes, if well packed things stay frozen, though I l am alway worried in August when we arrive and it is hot and luggage delivery is slow….. Nothing has been lost or has defrosted too soon yet!


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