Spring, sunshine and food bingo

Spring in Garbatella

Spring! Sunshine, flowering trees, time for allergy medication and looking at the surviving plants in our balcony boxes. It is a lovely day here, and people are making the most of our last weekend before lockdown starts again in Rome Monday until 6 April. Most of Italy moves to red now, so we will just have to make the best of it.

Spring drinks while bars still open: the blue spritz is made with blue Curacao. Classic Aperol Spritz is better.

One new thing we have tried this week is a food waste app, TooGoodToGo. I view it as food bingo: you pay a small amount from participating food shops to get a “Magic Box” of mystery food at reduced price that would otherwise be food waste. Near here it is mainly pizza, bakeries, bars, pasta shops and supermarkets. So far, it looks promising.

Today: a pizza box for 4€ and a very nice tray of pastries for 5€. Desserts for a week!

I looked for offers within 3km, with convenient collection time, and took it as an opportunity to explore new streets – and walk off some of those pastry calories in advance…. We like to cook, but now and then, it’s nice to try something else.

Hopefully we know better what to expect this time. There will be fewer zoom cocktails this time than our lockdown a year ago, but more making sure to get out for walks to maintain our mental health. Bonus if the walk passes a nice bakery or vegetable stand. The food markets here should still be open too, thank goodness.

Special greetings to all in lockdown. Forza! We will get through this. The news of friends and relatives getting vaccinated does help. Cheers to spring and more people having drinks in sunny Roman piazzas soon!

3 thoughts on “Spring, sunshine and food bingo

  1. I love the TooGoodToGo app idea! It would truly be a game of roulette in the USA but I would do it in a heartbeat in Italy or France! Good luck with the lockdown and may you be vaccinated soon!

  2. I was thinking about you last night as I read on the news that Italy is going into another lockdown. We will get through this, especially now that we can vaccinate for it and are vaccinating a lot of people every day.
    I have tried TooGoodToGo in the past but sadly have found that a lot of places here who are taking part in the scheme are in the city center, and I can’t really justify travelling to get the food now. Perhaps once things are a bit more back to normal I can check the app out again, I’m hoping that more places near us are taking part in it.

    1. You inspired me with your expert bargain hunting! Not much reduced items in supermarkets here. Lots of places in Rome use the app, though often with more unhealthy food options, but I will explore some within walking distance. I agree, I am definitely not getting on a bus for anything like that.

      Yes lockdown in Rome from tomorrow for three weeks, but we are better prepared this time. In preparation, neighbours just bought an electric keyboard and a ukelele…. we will see how soundproof the building is. Vaccination is still a few months away for us, but I am really happy to hear of the different groups getting vaccinated!

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