Making krumkaker

Pannetone gelato, anyone? It was actually quite nice. Normally by now we’d be heading off to London or Norway, this will be our first Christmas in Rome. It’s the sensible thing to do, though it’s hard not to see family. Hopefully next spring or summer we can go. Most friends are staying here, and we can still see people (max six gathered, though mixing households indoors is not recommended). Meeting outside is still possible, and cautious small gatherings can be done indoors. A few more days at work (well, working from home), then it’s time for Christmas movies and mulled wine, hopefully also some nice walks to counterbalance all the good food.

Traditionally Norwegians have seven kinds of cookies for Christmas. This is one of them: krumkaker, which means curved cake: like a waffle cone, but much better. I haven’t made them for ages, as I was in Ghana for four years, so this was a small trial batch. Outside Christmas, krumkaker are also nice alongside icecream (not as cones, but as cookies.)


3 eggs
150 grammes white sugar
150 grammes plain wheat flour
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
150 grammes melted butter
One krumkake iron (mine is electric)
one krumkakepinne (wooden tool for rolling)

If needed: a few tablespoons of water to thin the batter

Melt butter and let it cool slightly. Whisk eggs and sugar until light and airy, then fold in the flour. Add cardamom. Stir in melted cooled butter. Leave to thicken for half an hour, and add a little water if too thick. (The batter here was left an hour while we had lunch, and the results were a little robust, despite adding 3 tbs of water. I’ll make them thinner next time. This batch will be gifts for friends.)

Heat your krumkake iron. There is no need to butter it, there is so much butter in the batter. Just a small dollop of batter is needed, this is meant to be very thin, with almost lacy edges. As soon as they are done (the light on the iron might indicate this), you roll quickly them on the krumkakepinne to make a cone. Cool them. Store carefully in an airtight box, they will be crispy and quite delicate.

My aunt makes strull, which are similar delicate cookies made in the same iron but with sour cream in the batter, and no eggs. Strull are rolled to cylinders, not cones. That might be fun to try as well. I need to have seven kinds of cookies for Christmas! Small batches are however the way to go, with limited chances to see friends. For some reason sour cream (panna acida) is much more readily available in Rome now than it was a few years ago, which is lovely. First, I will try to make some thinner krumkaker.

I have a vegan recipe for krumkaker to try soon, for a newly vegan glutenfree friend. I am not convinced (it involves mashed chickpeas) but will have a try. Vegan and glutenfree is challenging for Norwegian cookie recipes, but not impossible. Happy holiday countdown!

7 thoughts on “Making krumkaker

  1. These look delicious – it’s one of the many things I miss about home: banking the seven different kinds of biscuits or cookies for Christmas.
    We are having a very relaxed Christmas. Christmas Eve we are spending with Neighbour, Christmas Day it’s just Husband and me, and Boxing Day if the weather holds, we are meeting Husband’s family in their garden as the in-laws have a huge fire pit.

    1. That sounds nice! Hope weather holds for Boxing Day. Yes, I need to bake a bit more for gifts, to be dropped off before we go into the new lockdown on 24th Dec. No complaints, it is needed. It will be a quiet time.

  2. My krumkaka iron (estimated to be 70 years old, belonging to my grandmother) did not survive the move from Rome to the US in 2016. The wooden handles crumbled. Alas, I have not settled on a replacement and so I am intrigued to think of getting an electric one! Grandma would be amazed! Eggnog Snickerdoodles and Lemon Cranberry bars are on the baking agenda, e’ basta per quest’anno! Maybe next year, when we can see people and entertain properly, I will revive the traditions of krumkaka, limpa, and julekaka!

    1. Oh, so sorry about your krumkaka iron. The electric ones are great! I am baking for presents, and a small selection for us. Eggnog Snickerdoodles and Lemon Cranberry bars sound just delicious! I am thinking of making lefse but with lockdown coming and minimal entertaining, it’s all in scaled down amounts.

  3. I wish I had known about this before I began my project of 24 dozen+ cookies. Nothing else to do but bake in this crummy weather, but I’ve got cookies coming out of my ears…

    1. Same here!! I have baking up a storm, despite no entertaining. Today I dropped off cookie bags for a few friends (at a distance, no socializing). AND I finally found your panettone with white chocolate and red mirtilli today, it looks divine!

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