Four days in France (étaient fabuleux)


I just had four days in France, which felt like ten days away. Great company (my husband), and no agenda except going to two concerts by The Opposition (this is from another concert last year) – and exploring amazing food that we would not get in Accra.  It took us three days to actually have a macaron, we were busy enjoying baguettes and almond croissants and walking for miles. Coming from 32-33C, just walking without being sweat-drenched was lovely, and Paris is lovely, especially with no sightseeing plans whatsoever. Well, apart from looking at food:


Baguette fillings: you buy your baguette, choose your filling and voila! Lunch! The boulangeries and pâtisseries were such fun, even just to look at. Paris-Brest, canelés, religieuses, pastries I have seen on the Great British Bake Off technical challenges but never in real life: I was thrilled.Maybe next time I will have time to taste them.

We ambled up Rue des Martyrs in the rain the first day at lunchtime and snacked our way from Japanese gyoza to Breton buckwheat crêpes, and never got hungry enough for dinner that day. The next morning we went to E. Dehillerin and fondled cookware, resisting life-sized pear-shaped silicone moulds as they would not fit in handluggage (imagine! all kinds of pear-shaped desserts for the next year!). Silly, but tempting. We settled for some tiny tins for petit fours, and now must research how one makes those. I have a vague idea of layers, or pastry cream and tiny berries. Probably not something we will try in our Accra kitchen, but a fun project to try.


How about a BUCKET of chocolate mousse, labeled “Make love not mousse”? Tempting, again, but we were shopping for a train picnic, and made do with baguettes and camembert, and tart lemon yoghurt. I adore foreign supermarkets.


Tins of tripe in Normandie, which did not make it back to Accra with me. Some cassoulet might just have, though. And maybe some crottin de chevre, apple jam with Calvados, Roquefort, butter with sel de guerande, and a packet of microwavable cheese souffles. How bad can those be? We shall see.


This is from a local cheese van near Caen at the Saturday market, the smell and taste was amazing. Imagine having gorgeous cheese like that available every day….. and speaking impeccable French….. je ne peux que rêver. My French was more functional than I expected, which is always good  (or maybe I just had very patient counterparts). It was an excellent mini-break!





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