On a groundnut hunt in North Ridge

new buildings in North RidgeI am traveling next week, and had a request for Ghana groundnuts. They are delicious: roasted, not salted, a very nutty flavour. Groundnut soup here is amazing. I went for a walk in my old neighborhood this morning, to see if our chop shop lady where we always bought eggs and groundnuts had any.

img_20190302_094153But the shop was closed! So I walked on, being honked at by passing taxis. This is a typical ex-container shop. No goats or chickens seen on the street, there used to be a little flock out there. Quite a bit of construction, so maybe they have been moved on. There were new buildings there, and more coming.North Ridge

The wheelbarrow is a fresh coconut seller. Very refreshing on a hot humid morning, they lop off enough to poke a straw through and voila, coconut water. My goal: the next chop shop, in a green ex-container towards Alisa hotel. You can see the deep open gutters along the road. A friend fell in one and broke her leg a while ago, I have also seen cars get a wheel in them. Still, with with heavy rains like yesterday, good drainage is needed. At least these did not have sewage in them.


Yes! Groundnuts for 3.5 cedi a bottle: about 64 US cents, the cedi just fell more so 1 USD=5.5 cedi. It was 1 USD=3.8 cedi  when I arrived, exported goods are going up in price. A small bottle of groundnuts used to be 3 cedi here, 2 cedi at our egg lady. Anyway, I was very happy, and quite sweaty by now.


Fante kenkey at the second chop shop: fermented maize dumplings, wrapped in plantain leaves. Or is it maize leaves? Being fermented, these are quite temperature stable, but I resisted getting a couple kenkey for the trip. With short connections, luggage does go missing now and then. Ghana chocolate is a safer bet.


Heading home: this little roadside shop had groundnuts mixed with popcorn,  for one cedi (which seems unusually cheap), so now I am all set. North Ridge is a nice green part of Accra, embassies and gated compounds, not very lively and no restaurants or supermarkets, but quiet. The neighborhoods of Osu and Labone are nearby for going out, and it’s close to work for us. There is a good jazz club nearby (+233). I also found a couple new fruit stands.


Success! Time to go home and shower!


3 thoughts on “On a groundnut hunt in North Ridge

  1. Drinking from a fresh coconut was one of my favourite things to do when we lived in Thailand. So refreshing ❤

      1. Yes, I lived there for several years as a teenager while my parents worked there. ^_^

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