A few days in Garbatella, and a lemon/blackcurrant curd tart


I’ve been in Rome for a week for work, and despite the rain it has been lovely to amble round the neighborhood (Garbatella), drink coffee, meet neighbours tut-tutting over the weather, grafitti and state of the roads, and of course enjoy fall food.


Cavolo nero at the market. And artichokes, broccolo romano, cicoria, mmmm….


Friday night apertivi at the butcher’s up the hill, on Via delle Sette Chiese.


Artichokes at the market: we were on our way to Eataly to see their new IKEA section, interesting. At least a good place to get ziplock bags without going to Anagnina.

Alberto Sordi

Alberto Sordi commemorated on Via Antonio Rubino.

The lemon/blackcurrant curd tart

One shop-bought pastry crust (here, gluten-free pâte brisée)
One jar lemon curd
One jar blackcurrant curd

Blind bake the pastry crust for ten min or so at 200C. I used baking beans. Then pour in the two curd jar contents, and cool until serving.


We bought the blackcurrant curd in Maldon, and it was very nice. The artistic swirl foreseen did not quite work, but this was delicious. Also super easy.





5 thoughts on “A few days in Garbatella, and a lemon/blackcurrant curd tart

  1. Anonymous

    How wonderful. We went to a friend’s blessing ceremony in Italy a few years ago, and me and my best friend gorged ourselves on the food while we were there. We especially liked the really thin crispy pizzas, with just some thin ham and basil on. Heavenly. ^_^

  2. Rowena

    I had a knee-jerk reaction when reading IKEA section in Eataly. {Inserts massively confused emoji} Anyhow, as for ziplock bags, I use to order those IKEA ones through Amazon (a lot more expensive but convenient) until I discovered Cuki-brand apri & chiudi stand-up bags at the supermarket!

    Italy is slowly catching up….

    1. krumkaker Post author

      They have two new small IKEA showrooms inside Eataly with some homeware. I just got the catalogue. I will look for the Cuki stand up ones next time! I like the Cuki ice cube bags and bring those along for friends.

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