What a week…… and baking helkornbrød

Ministries, Accra
This has been quite a week. We were due to move from Accra to Rome by now, but clearances are still pending. We had cancelled our Accra lease, as all was meant to be on track, so we found ourselves with no flat and no idea how long the delay might be. One week? Six months? Accra landlords like longer leases. Impossible to house-hunt with no time-frame, also when you have two cubic meters of stuff to lug around. Fans, office chair, sheets, pots and pans: most of our Accra things will be given away, but not if there are more delays in the move.


Last Sunday, we thus packed what we had in bags, and bought my husband a one-way ticket to Rome. Fridge and pantry contents were given away to friends, guards and compound cleaner: pasta, flour, jams… squid ink, frozen cheese, mint syrup for coffee, soba noodles, weird condiments… it all went. The fridge was given to my driver. Monday, we moved our things by taxi trips to a kind friend’s place, temporarily. Insanely sweaty experience in Accra. But we had heard that I had a short-term mission to Rome, which was amazing  news. Tuesday, we moved into a hotel. On Wednesday, my husband flew to Rome and I followed on Thursday.


On Saturday I woke up to this. No chickens or coconuts, but Rome in cool November sunshine, 12C today. I do like Accra, but it is wonderful to be back in Garbatella, even if it is just a temporary visit. We have a small flat here with most of our stuff. As we were last here in the summer, and I just arrived here in open-toed sandals, I have been excavating my winter clothes today and looking for shoes, sweaters, anything warm and not spangly Italian beach holiday-wear.  And I baked!

Several friends have borrowed the flat here in Rome, so there are odd remnants in the cupboards: some rice, several boxes of chamomile tea, stock cubes, half a bag of pasta. Plus cracked wheat and rye flour I left two years ago, so we popped to the local supermarket for yeast and vegetables and I baked two loaves of bread this afternoon. Recipe off the Norwegian cracked wheat bag.

Whole cracked wheat bread

150 grammes whole cracked wheat
200 grammes water
2 tsp salt
* This should be mixed and soaked 8-15 hours. I cheated and just boiled water and tipped in cracked wheat, and let it soak 20 min. Then added to dough.

650 grammes plain white wheat flour
100 grammes wholewheat flour
100 grammes coarse rye flour  (I didn’t have fine rye flour)
600 ml tepid water
50 grammes fresh yeast
50 grammes vegetable oil

Mix ingredients, knead 4-7 minutes. (I could knead without dripping with sweat! My goodness!)  Cover and leave to rise 45 minutes. (I left it two hours in a cool kitchen, bowl covered with a hotel shower cap.) Shape and split dough between two load tins. Leave to rise an hour or so, then bake at 225C on lower shelf in oven for 45 min. If you take it out of tin, and tap base, it will sound hollow. Cool on rack before slicing. Or eat it while still steamingly hot, with salted butter, as we did.




5 thoughts on “What a week…… and baking helkornbrød

  1. Array

    Oh to be in Rome in November! We skipped our planned visit this year in favor of staying in the north. I would love to shuttle over to Rome between November and April. We are solidly in the rainy season in Oregon and November is often the worst month (except for maybe March). Enjoy your visit and may it become permanent soon!

    1. krumkaker Post author

      Yes, I was expecting grey and wet weather, not glorious sunshine here. Hope you get through the rainy season there. Sounds like your trip up north was amazing, though! (I actually bookmark some of your posts for future trip planning.) We will enjoy this trip and make the most of it.

  2. musingsondinner

    It sounds like it’s been a really stressful time! Hopefully the bread-baking has been soothing (also, I too have some cracked wheat to use up so will be bookmarking this for future reference!)


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