Weekend in Tamale

Downtown Tamale. I am up in Northern Ghana for the weekend, towards the Burkina Faso border.

Easy one hour flight north from Accra. Starbow and Africa World Airlines fly, my return ticket (bought late) was 640 cedi, about 145 USD.

On our way to dinner we went to the Centre for National Arts (closed) then bumped into a huge cultural event: a record launch by local artist Maccasio. The streets were packed with honking fans in scooters, walking, hanging out of cars. Massive, really cheerful parade of young fans.

Many fans had Maccasio or 69 T-shirts, a few had painted themselves blue with 69 (record label, I think).

Record launch in the news! 30,000 watched the parade. And here is Maccasios last video:


We had a nice dinner outdoors at Chuck’s. Tamale sounds really interesting but tough as a place to live compared to Accra: there is a Melcom, but no big supermarkets or malls like Accra, so you might buy toilet paper in a shack like this:

And drop your laundry off here:

We did, as my friend’s flat has no washing machine. Also no oven, so she cooks on a hot plate. A bit like camping, but for three months. I feel really privileged to be in Accra with a functional kitchen and access to grocery stores.

But people are very friendly here! Here foreigners are simalengas, not obruni. Many more people are Muslim than in the south, lots of little mosques. Off to explore more now!

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