Povoa de Varzim

Porto is gorgeous, but hotels were expensive, so we ended up staying in Povoa de Varzim. It is a holiday town, one hour by metro out of Porto, and surprisingly pleasant. The metro is new and clean, and once we figured out the Andante system (rechargeable paper ticket for 0.60) very easy. 

Povoa de Varzim was a fishing village, now a beach resort with a casino. Not quite beach season yet, and cold Atlantic water, big waves, and very nice contrast to busy Porto. See the wooden structures on left? Some had little striped tents to block the wind.

Tiles in our hotel (Luis Brasileiro) whete you see the same beach, and the same tent style. 

A franceshina for lunch, Porto sandwich specialty. This one had a layers of ham, steak, cheese, two kinds of mortadella, more cheese, an egg and spicy tomato-bacon sauce all over. Tasty but SO heavy, I gave up halfway and it still destroyed my appetite for the rest of the day, making this impossible to try…..

…… the biggest mille-feuille I have ever seen! Massive! What is it with these huge Portuguese pastries?

Random tiled doorway. We could have gone back to Porto but decided to have a local day, as just being in Europe is nice. I bought sandals, we walked on the beach, and we scouted local fish restaurants. Nice break.

Lots of tiled house facades, many with saints. Next to the massive pastries we found a small coffee shop, so we bought some beans (three kinds of robusta, for a change) and some ground coffee with cicoria, that must be chicory? 60/40, 70/30, several blends possible. Must be drunk with milk, I think the coffee man said. Or was that what Portuguese doctors say? We had a long coffee chat despite us not speaking Portuguese, both sides guessing a bit. The coffee beans smell great! 

Chourico assado em aguardem (sorry for lack of accents). Lovely dinner at Bistro Bot’ Abaixo, various plates and nice staff. 

We head back to Lisbon tomorrow for our last two days in Portugal. 


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