Two days in Lisbon

We are on holidays! Portugal this time, and we started in Lisbon. Lovely waterfront, winding streets with cobblestones, tiled housefronts and very nice people. This from Alfama, a local festival was in progress and there was tinsel all over. Here they were grilling green peppers as lunch prep, so we came back and had lovely fresh grilled fish and cold beer, sitting in the shade. Pateo 13, Calcadinha de Santo Estevao 13. Great after a hot morning walking steep streets.

Snails at Mercado do Ribeira. Little live grass snails, reportedly delicious when cooked. We were staying nearby, and who can resist a local market? Quieter than I expected, but lovely cherries and nice to wander through. 

Tinned sardines, in beautiful packaging. No food shopping done yet, as we will come back to Lisbon before flying back to Accra. I have not yet seen chocolate sardines (sardine shaped, not actual fish)  which a friend brought back from Lisbon, but will keep looking. Good thing I love food shopping. 

Fresh sardines at Mercado do Ribeiro, we webt for a morning stroll. Fresh grilled sardines are delicious, that was lunch. After waterfront drinks (white sangria) we also went to the Time Out food hall at Mercado do Ribeira – just packed by 2030 and hard to get a seat, another time I would go earlier to better sample dishes.

Between all the meals we also went to the fado museum. Not something I knew much about, so we enjoyed that. Then we went to the national tile museum, very nice. But a looooooong walk, so get the bus. We bussed back and that 1.85 euro ticket was best spent money of the day. 

Streets and stairs and tiles: while housefronts covered with them. 

Great city for walking and seeing little quirky details. Not to mention being able to walk all day without dropping with sweat like in humid Accra. It is strange being in Europe again, but nice. 

We have not taken tram 28 but that is on the list for Lisbon round 2, next week. Before that, however, we head for Coimbra and Porto. If you hsve any must-sees or must-eats for Lisbon please let me know, we are back there next week!

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