Marching in spirit today

In Rome this week, but bedridden with acute bronchitis, so unable to join the #womensmarch taking place at the Pantheon.

But I am following the marches online, and am with you in spirit. Friends are at the Womens Marches in Rome, in Oakland, in DC and in Oslo, Copenhagen, Geneva, London – wish I were there.

And in Geneva:

And in London


4 thoughts on “Marching in spirit today

  1. Laurel Barton

    Sorry to hear you are sick. Itàs always worse to be so when you are not at home…Although Rome must seem like home to you in many ways. Marching in Portland, OR, in a few hours! We expect to be 20,000 strong!

    1. krumkaker Post author

      Excellent!!! Will look for the Portland march online! We are actually home in our flat (wonderful) in Garbatella (beautiful) for two weeks, so there is still time to enjoy Rome before heading back to Accra next weekend. FORZA!!!! for the march today.


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