Sunday morning sounds

wp-1477224518748.jpgWe live in a  quiet area of Accra, and Sundays are even quieter. There are several churches nearby, and three mosques, so we hear snippets of singing and prayer calls over the treetops. Right now, from down the road I can hear a distressed kid (young goat) that has been separated from its mother — there is a particular pitch to that — probably one of the local goats that wander around. Small goats, but fat and happy — ah, quiet now, hopefully nothing serious, so now it’s the mosque we hear again. The road was paved since I took this (“See! It is election time!” said my driver) .

ghana election 2016 Ghana has elections coming up in early December. It’s quite different from the US elections run-up,  though not reported much outside the country. Ghana is a democratic republic, with several political parties. Mind of Malaka had a great piece last month on the elections and the Electoral Commission chair, worth reading. 

“…..In all, 16 political parties filed paperwork to participate in the general election. Of that number, only 4 (NDC, the incumbent; NPP, the main opposition; CPP, the party of Nkrumah and some dude running independently) qualified to participate in the general elections.” 


That aside, there are lots of election posters and party colours around town, and quite a few election-related parades with music, drums, and banners. A general theme is the call for peaceful elections, which will hopefully be the case. There have also been far fewer dumsor episodes (power cuts) which is also said to be related to the election countdown. It could also be due to the rainy season still not being over, which helps the hydroelectric power supply. The longer hot dry season is approaching, though, so we will see.

Christmas trees Accra On an apolitical note: looks what the supermarket had yesterday! You never quite know what will be in stock, I keep looking for deck chairs but no luck yet. Here they are: artificial Christmas trees, frosted with snow!  It’s never colder than 24C in Accra, often 100% humidity. It’s probably 32C today here in the shade on the balcony, getting hotter, so this did make me think of the pervasiveness of the concept of Christmas celebrations. Or maybe this is just what was on offer with a good price from China. We will be in Scandinavia for Christmas this year, and will have plenty of actual snow. No good pineapple or papaya like here, though!

PS Yes, I am still cooking! Today: sweet potato soup with ginger and lentils, simmering in the slow cooker. Thank heavens for the slow cooker in this heat. The yoghurt maker has been on since seven AM, and I made granola last night. It’s just been busy here. Good to catch up and start writing again, though.


3 thoughts on “Sunday morning sounds

  1. Rhonda Sittig

    “good to catch up”– I totally agree! been missing your posts– always fascinating! We lived in Costa Rica for a year (a while back!) and your election sound much like the process there. –Home to Scandinavia for Christmas sounds lovely– all the snow and family and baked goods! Hope you write a bit about that too! And– the sweet potato stew sounds so flavorful. I just read an article about “blue zones” around the world where people often live to be over 100 and one contributing thing mentioned was eating lots of sweet potatoes! So there you go! OK, glad you’re back posting! Always love to read about your ever-interesting life in Accra! hugs from here!


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