Looking for prawns, Tema Fish Market

Tema fish marketYesterday we went to Tema, near Accra where there is a large fish market. Goal: find large prawns for Sunday lunch. Quite the the experience. Lots of fish, of various shapes and sizes. Four of us went, and it was interesting.

fish at Tema Some fish in bowls or baskets, some on sacks, some looking fresh and some else so. Eels, mackerel, red snapper, even some sharks at the water’s edge. All available to be bargained for. Much less hassling than I expected.

Tema harbour The harbour was full of wooden fishing boats with flags, I had no idea most boats used were so small here. They were building fishing boats as well there. And there were some random chickens with chicks even there, pecking among the scraps.


Not sure what fish this is, but it was all over the market. Here we stepped to the side as a hand-pulled cart was coming through, I was trying not to step on the fish. A little later a cart had overturned, spilling little silvery fish on to the group  – quickly being scooped up again. I suppose the some of the less fresh fish gets dried and used for shito (pepper sauce, usually includes fish, oil, ginger, dried fish, prawns, garlic – it is very good.)

Tema prawns

THESE are the prawns I was looking for! These were 50 cedi a kilo. Plus some calamaretti – next post, 15 cedi a kilo. Hard to know what the right price is, but these do look very nice.

We cleaned them all here this morning, cutting out the intestinal tract and de-shelling them,  Quite an exercise compared to small Norwegian shrimp. The prawns are currently in the kitchen, waiting to be cooked. Some have just been boiled with onion and garlic, under directions from our Egyptian neighbour. Some have been dipped in egg and breadcrumbs, ready to be fried downstairs. Then we’ll go to the Canadian neighbours and have lunch there. This is a nice part of compound living!

UPDATE: and here they are, cooked for lunch. Very nice!! I also made calamaretti in umido (small calamari in tomato stew) and we made deep-fried calamaretti as well, all lovely. But with half of our group out sick, including my poor husband (just a bad cold, he is in bed listening to English football), there is still food left. I think I’ll make prawn risotto with the leftover stock tomorrow.

20160814_132952   20160814_123638


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