Dental fears, and Blue cheese pasta with almonds

I would like to be as calm as this lizard, but am failing…. This weekend I had made popcorn, and thought at first a bit of broken kernel was stuck in my tooth. Then, after craning my neck to look in mirrors and making my long-suffering husband peer in, I had to face it: something has broken off one of my top molars. Chipped tooth? Cracked filling? I do not know, and am trying not to gingerly probe the jagged edge. Nobody likes going to the dentist (apologies to any dental readers out there). I do have a very nice dentist, but he is a continent away, and I will not be back there until July. So I will urgently need to find a good dentist in Accra: any suggestions?

Googling tooth injuries and dentists in Accra did not help. One quote: “Unfortunately Ghana, like most developing countries, is not blessed with a numerous supply of dentists. World Health Organisation data shows that in 2008 Ghana had only 148 dentists, which is equivalent to 0.06 dentists per 10,000 people.” What do people do? However, most of those dentists are in Accra, and some clinics look very modern, so I am lucky indeed to not be upcountry – and that I have health insurance, and the resources to get this fixed. Tomorrow I will ask colleagues for referrals and get this looked at in the next days. In the interim, soft food and frequent brushing of teeth!


Blue cheese pasta with almonds  (actually, no almonds for me, so none in picture…..)

400 grammes dry pasta
100 grammes blue cheese with mascarpone
Handful of chopped almonds
A little grated pepper

Cook the pasta in salted water, duration as indicated on packet. Roughly chop the cheese. Drain pasta when done, keeping a little pasta water aside. Then strain, and crumble the cheese into the hot pasta, with a little hot pasta cooking water to loosen the cheese. Maybe 1/3 cup?  The cheese will melt in and coat the pasta. Sprinkle over the chopped almonds, and serve.

Notes: no, the blue cheese with mascarpone was not purchased locally. Blue cheese but mild, great in pasta.

Update 1: Thanks to colleagues and word of mouth (haha…), I found three recommended dentists, so I went to one today. Nice modern dental clinic, gentle staff. I have a brand new replacement filling, and a huge sense of relief! I can chew again! Really good to know of a good dentist, a long taxi ride away but not requiring a flight.

Update 2: What happens when there is such a shortage of qualified dentists, from local news:
3 Fake dentists arrested for practising for more than 15yrs. Rather frightening.

Yesterday it rained, for the first time in three months. It is apparently the end of the harmattan, the dusty dry winds from the Sahel, and there were sudden winds and a massive downpour. It was temporaily cool! It has been really dry, hopefully the rains are coming in time to help the farming sector.



5 thoughts on “Dental fears, and Blue cheese pasta with almonds

  1. Jenny

    I’m glad you got your tooth fixed and now know where to find a good dentist! I enjoy reading your posts from a place so faraway and different from my own place. The blue cheese pasta sounds yummy too!

  2. Rhonda Sittig

    So glad you found a good dentist!! (oh the things we take for granted). I love your blog, for just these every day stories. You are so resourceful and seem to find the best in circumstances most people here would find so difficult. Happy pasta ahead!! blessings. xo


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