A birthday cake shoe

Shoe birthday cake We are in Tuscany for Easter, with rolling hills, olive trees and vineyards, and very wet weather. So yesterday we baked a cake, went for a pici con cinghiale lunch, then came back to sculpt the bread into this running shoe for the birthday boy of the group, who just turned 42.

Chocolate cake recipe The recipe, as written by our head baker (aged eleven). This was doubled.

Chocolate cake recipe

This was baked in a 20x30cm foil tray, so we could cut the cake in half and stack the halves.

Chianti in rain

While cake cools, go for a drive and and admire the rainsoaked view.

Carving shoe cakeA shoe shape was outlined, we carved the cake halves and glued them with frosting.

Blue fondantBlue fondant icing, brought over from the UK. The birthday boy runs marathons and just got a new pair of blue running shoes.

Wine bottle as rolling pin No rolling pins in a holiday house kitchen, but we had Chianti bottles from last night which worked well! The laces were handcolored orange royal icing.


Hey presto, a birthday cake shoe!  And we are heading off for Easter lunch soon. Happy Easter Sunday to all!


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