They had churros at the nativity….

Churros at nativity sceneDuring our Christmas holidays in Spain, we went to Murcia for the day. There was a very large presepio, nativity scene, with at least fifteen scenes, and families queued up to walk around and see. In Rome and Naples, there is often a pizza maker in the presepio. This is especially for Rowena: look, in Murcia the presepio had churros! I thought it might be sausages, but the family in front of me said – no, churros!
Nativity in pumpkinsAnother presepio, in one of the markets.
Pumpkin standQuite a nice use of the pumpkin stand! We also found some lovely cheeses at the market.
Carbone dolceCarbon dolce, which bad children get instead of gifts.
imageAt one stall they had “los alfajores” (fig, amond and honey). Somewhat like the pilgrim biscuits at Monte Sant’Angelo, ostie ripiene. There was a definite Arab influence in some of the pastry shops, and lots of candied citrus like in Sicily.

Lovely place to visit, Murcia!


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