At the Mercado in Alicante

market stallWe are in Spain for Christmas with the English side of the family this year, which is very nice. Staying in a holiday village is not a very Spanish experience, but we had a day in Alicante and stopped by the Mercado, the central market.
imageLittle pâté ducks! I was really happy.
sucking pigsThe others went for coffee and I had time alone to browse stalls, buy cheese and chorizo, and see these suckling pigs. Meat and cheese and salumi upstairs, fish and vegetables downstairs.
cheese stallBy now the others had joined me, and we explored this excellent cheese stall. We bought lots.
imageFrench and Spanish cheeses, very nice.
egg stallSeveral stalls selling eggs of many kinds.
image Wonderful dried fish, smoked and tinned fish, tuna and anchovies.

image This was just before Christmas and it was lively. Not a touristy market, lots of locals shopping and chatting. Very nice! We even found a lone bag of Brussels sprouts there, so my mother-in-law was delighted. No English Christmas dinner without that, it seems, though nobody actually likes them.

7 thoughts on “At the Mercado in Alicante

    1. After days in an expat tourist enclave I was SO happy to get to a real market and look at what local people were shopping for: lots of goose, long ropes of fresh sausages, beautiful cheeses…… Chorizo, cheese and paella rice all now packed in my suitcase for the trip home. Very nice. Happy New Year to you!

  1. Oh how wonderful! Please, if you come across them, have some churros and hot chocolate for me, would you? I recently saw them on a travel program and can’t stop thinking about them.

    Feliz Navidad y un buen año nuevo!

    1. Yes! I just had my first churros and chocolate in Torrevieja, and it was delicious! Really want to try makibg churros, I have a pastry extruder that mught work. Most are deepfried, but I have seen recipes for baked ones that might be a bit lighter. Happy New Year to you!

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