Sesame-crusted tofu with roast vegetables

Sesame crusted roast veg After holidays in Norway (excellent), it was great to be back in Rome, walk by the fruit and veg corner and restock the fridge. Shiny dark purple aubergines, elongated gnarled bell peppers, crisp zucchini, some slightly sticky plums… Oh yes, I bought it all. Not to mention grapes, pears and salad. Once I got home, there was not quite room for it all, despite now having 1.5 fridges. Well, ths little fridge is full of wine, pickled herring and pecorino cheese from Pienza, which could not be easily consumed. So we sliced up some vegetables and roasted them, and topped them with crunchy sesame tofu and fragrant basil. Hey presto: dinner! Vaguely healthy, but more importantly: tasty, so I am bringing a heaping platter of this to Fiesta Friday 33! Many thanks to the gracious hosts: Angie, Andresa and Sylvia!

Sesame-crusted tofu with roast vegetables
1-2 aubergines
3-4 zucchini
1 bellpepper
Handful of leftover cherry tomatoes
(Or any other roastable veg you have)
Small pinch of salt
3-4 tbs olive oil
200 grammes of firm tofu
4 tbs sesame seeds
For serving: handful of fresh basil

imageHeat your oven to 230C or so. Slice the vegetables (lengthwise for the zucchini), lay them out on foil-lined baking trays and drizzle oil over. Just a pinch of salt as well. As I discovered by omission, a little oil beneath the veg would have helped them not stick…. I turned the veg after some minutes, until they were all nicely roasted but still holding their shape. You can take them out of the oven and set them aside for a bit, if needed.

In the interim I drained the tofu, and cut little sticks which I blotted with kitchen roll to dry. A third oven tray was prepared with foil, and I laid all the tofu sticks out on that. Then I brushed them with a smidgeon of olive oil, and dropped sesame seeds across the tray.  I had seen something like this in a Donna Hay recipe (such chic styling!) and mine looked absolutely nothing like hers. Still, I popped the sesame tofu bits in the oven under the grill (high top heat in oven) for a few minutes until they went crispy and golden. It burns in no time, so best to keep a close eye.
Sesame crusted roast vegPeel the roast veg off the foil, heap a platter. Distribute the hot crunchy sesame tofu over the vegetables, and top with some chopped fresh basil if you have some.

Fiesta Friday
I have been so looking forward to Fiesta Friday. I need some inspiration for what to cook: it is still warm and muggy here, too early for stews and soups but I am not sure what I fancy eating either. Thanks in advance for all the amazing Fiesta Friday offerings!

19 thoughts on “Sesame-crusted tofu with roast vegetables

    1. So glad you liked it! I just had sesame on top of the oil-brushed tofu, and that was nice and crunchy. I am learning to cook more with tofu, lots of possibilities.

    1. Thanks! It came together nicely, despite slightly charred vegetables, and great to have another way to enjoy tofu. We finally have a health food store in our neighbourhood, so we can easily get tofu, which is super!

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