Sourdough loaf with potato


Another warm weekend, but Rome is still not really hot, which is wonderful. So here is a sourdough loaf with potato, which I am bringing to Fiesta Friday 21, along with this gorgeous mozzarella di bufala from Campania,with tomatoes and basil, so people can assemble their own caprese salad along with some freshly sliced prosciutto. Many thanks to the hosts!


Sourdough loaf with potato

100 grammes mature sourdough starter (100% hydration)
140 grammes cold boiled potatoes, diced
400 grammes water
415 grammes plain wheat flour
80 grammes wholewheat flour
50 grammes coarse rye flour
10 grammes salt

Stir the sourdough starter with the water and the leftover potatoes, skin and all. Add the flour and mix well. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest for 20 minutes. Add the salt. Mix well. Add more flour or water if you think the dough needs it. My dough was quite wet so I added a little more flour: the dough should be pliable, but not too gloopy.

Cover the bowl and let rise for a few hours at room temperature. Rome is warm, so in my 29C kitchen it doubled in two hours, it might take your dough longer. Fold the dough a few times along the way (just fold in the bowl, using a spoon or spatula). You will feel the dough becoming more elastic, and it will increase nicely in volume.

A few hours before baking, fold dough into a banneton or bread tin, and let rest a couple hours until it has risen again nicely. (You can also leave it overnight in the fridge, which gives better flavour. But we needed this for a late lunch.)


When ready to bake: heat your oven to 250C, with a cast iron pot. When it is properly hot, take the pot out carefully. Invert the dough onto a piece of baking paper, slash the dough, and put the bread in the pot. (The baking paper just bakes it easier to get the bread out afterwards.) Bake at 250C for 30 minutes with the lid on, then 15 minutes more with the lid off, until the bread looks done and the base of the bread sounds hollow if you tap it. About 45 minutes in all, depending on your oven. Cool before slicing.


Notes: this time my starter was fed with barley flour, which worked better than I expected. Normally I use rye flour for the starter. Now, I am off to browse the wonderful offerings of Fiesta Friday 21, an amazing selection I see!
PS Sunday view from our lunch. Half the neighbourhood must have gone to the beach, it was very quiet here in Garbatella today. We enjoyed our mozzarella, and watched “Heathers”. Oh, and I made macarons for the first time! Not entirely disastrous! Post to follow.

8 thoughts on “Sourdough loaf with potato

  1. This looks wonderful. Oh to be in Rome and do as the Romans do… I hope to at least visit one day. Thanks for sharing!

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