Garbatella rooftops

As mentioned earlier today: Our building has a rooftop terrace, but it is not used for anything but drying laundry. In our last condominio meeting, a neighbour radically suggested a party for the building. Really nice: it was a potluck, and we sampled excellent dishes from everyone and chatted until late. The heat drops in the evening, and a lovely cool breeze sweeps through.
Gorgeous view! This is the edge of old Garbatella. Just three metro stops south of the Colosseum, but very Roman.

Garbatella potluck! We had bruschetta, torta rustica, Sicilian bread stuffed with olives and dried tomatoes, pesce finta (a molded potato salad), chicken baked in Kellogs (cornflakes), my Moroccan meatballs, masses of fresh fruit, cheesecake, summer pudding, and gelato. All delicious. Must get some recipes!

The sun set, lights came on, and the older neighbours talked about the tram that used to run here, and how it was back in the Fifties when the building was new and they moved in as children. Very interesting. Being the only stranieri (foreigners) in the palazzo, it does help immensely to speak enough Italian to chat and follow the gossip, of which there was plenty. Not malicious, at least. I discovered that they thought it was hilarious that I wave to my husband every morning on my way to the bus stop – when he is here, he keeps an eye out for the bus for me, and I wave and blow him a kiss. Unobserved, I thought, but no! We are lucky, the neighbours are very pleasant and it is a lovely area to live in.

Garbatella is a small but lively Roman neighbourhood, well worth a visit.

Tonight I can hear how quiet the neighborhood is, they are getting ready for the Italy-England World Cup game at midnight. Flags on balconies, the odd shout: if Italy does well, it is rather fun here!


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