Pecorino from Pienza

PecorinoWe had a super Easter weekend in Tuscany, and that usually includes pecorino. Pienza is near Montepulciano, a small town famous for pecorino cheese. Here is pecorino aged in hay…

Pecorino in ashesPecorino aged in ashes….
imageAfter a truffle pasta lunch, the sun came out and it wad time for a passegiata to enjoy the view. Spring in Tuscany.
imageMore fridge magnets.
imageSo many pecorino types, so little time…. Fortunately they will vacuum pack it for you, so we now are rather broke but have a considerable amount of Pienza pecorino in our fridge and wine from Montepulciano. Perfect for apertivo season. Interestingly, we asked a sommelier and learned that with truffle pecorino, it is better to drink white wine, as the truffles have tannins and that with tannins fom red wine is too much. My palate has a lot to learn, clearly.

PicnicWe finished with a picnic here, near Acquaviva, and enjoyed more pecorino among the buttercups before heading back to Rome. Just perfect. The house up the hill looked empty, I think it would be a perfect country retreat (for someone with enough money…). No Tuscan villas are likely in our future, but we are very fortunate that this is just two hours from Rome. Perhaps another Tuscan weekend is needed in the fall, once we are in need of more Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and pecorino?


9 thoughts on “Pecorino from Pienza

  1. alifemoment

    Wow, Tuscany is so beautiful!!!
    My husband is cheese addict, he can eat cheese everyday, those “pecorino cheeses” seem really delicious!!! 🙂

  2. Ziggy

    This takes me back to our visit last summer where we stayed in the Aquaviva area (Villa Grazianella). Enjoyed Pienza and the podere il casale cheese farm. Cant wait to go back.


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