Spring day in Garbatella

Spring in GarbatellaSpring has certainly arrived in Rome. There are blossoming trees, newly planted geraniums appearing in window boxes, and even the occasional local observed in short sleeves. No sandals yet, though it is gorgeous and sunny.
I wandered up to the farmers’ market last weekend, and as usual bought more than intended.
Salumi at market – it’s hard to resist!
SalamiThere was a lovely salami with tartufo (truffle) which I must get some more of.
Laundry in garbatellaI too had laundry waiting at home to be hung out, though not as picturesque as this.

GarbatellaLooking through the lotti, always interesting to see the internal courtyards here.


8 thoughts on “Spring day in Garbatella

  1. Debbie Spivey

    Oh, to have a farmers’ market like that!! I want to visit Italy one day. It’s on my bucket list!


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