Leaving Hurtigruten: Bergen – Rome

20140226-163813.jpgFinal destination last Friday: Bergen, Norway. We bid adieu to MS Nordlys and our lovely co-passengers. We had the pleasure of meeting such interesting people, that really added to our enjoyment of the trip. Really fantastic honeymoon for us, even five years delayed.

20140226-163850.jpgRain in Bergen, as usual. Due to flight times Bergen-Amsterdam-Rome, we spent a night in Bergen, at Klosterhagen Hotel. How can you not appreciate a hotel which has a wafflemaker on standby for guests? Super breakfast buffet too, with homemade crispbread and farm produce.

20140226-164249.jpgFinally home in Rome late Saturday, both battling colds, and exhausted. After two weeks of Norwegian food (fish, smoked fish, pickled herring, excellent potatoes, root vegetables, what did we fancy for our just-in-from-airport food? Roman pizza of course, from the restaurant downstairs. Sheer bliss.

Then we woke up Sunday morning to this glorious sunny Roman morning. Wonderful holiday, good to be home! I will write some practical notes on our trip later this week, once I have caught up again here.Sild og kaviarOh, and I had to unpack all the Norwegian food, bought on a rainy dash in Bergen. Sursild: pickled herring (with onions, tomato and sour cream). Four kinds of kaviar, and an interesting local cheese with ramsløk (wild garlic, possibly?).

Food shopping Norway
Plus some flour, some surkål, a little lefse, mackerel in tomato (for sandwiches), fiskeboller (fishballs), a tin of cod roe (“Enjoy cold or fried”, the tin says….), cod roe pate, biscuits we dragged to Kirkenes and back, and finally, tomato soup with macaroni. That soup is a nostalgia thing (and macaroni is not a pasta you find in Rome.) No squeezy cheese purchased this time.

I just fancy fresh vegetables now, and was SO happy to go past our fruttivendolo (veg shop) and stock up on knobbly Sicilian bellpeppers, shiny melanzane (eggplant), spiky pale green zucchini and more. Spring is definitely imminent.


2 thoughts on “Leaving Hurtigruten: Bergen – Rome

  1. Rowena

    Norway unpacked! Of course I am sad to see it all end, but your shopping spree made me excited to get out there even more. Husband downloaded the Norway Lights app (it shows that October and March are even better months for catching the lights??!), so now we may change our plans to March even if I would also love to catch the reindeer race in Tromso in February. Thanks again for such an enjoyable Hurtigruten boat ride.


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