On Hurtigruten, day 3: Trondheim to Rørvik

Here we are, on the northbound Hurtigruten, somewhere north of Trondheim. Another beautiful day!

Kjeungskjær fyr, a lighthouse from 1880. It used to be inhabited by lighthouse keepers with family, but is now automated.

Afternoon coffee with the view on deck four. There is a panorama lounge up on deck seven, with windows all around and amazing views. Very quiet, which is nice. There are other lounges there, lots of quiet corners, and a library on deck four which is often empty. They have rigged up a big screen in the next room for people to follow the Winter Olympics, but as most passengers are British it has been empty so far. More Norwegians on the boat now though, on shorter trips, and they are quite excited about the Olympics. My husband is picking up more Norwegian: “gullhåp”, “gullmedalje”, “hvor er svenskene”, ” medaljesjanse” (all related to gold medals, and/or beating the Swedes….)

Our cabin (U class), which is quite comfortable. On deck 6, with a big window. Three beds, two of which fold down from the wall and one that is a sofa that flips to a bed. Small but functional bathroom with a shower, a desk, a table and chair, and a suprising amount of cupboard space. That comes in handy, with all the winter clothes we brought.

So many photo ops! Here, a very narrow passage. People have amazing photographic equipment, and I feel a little silly with my iPad mini, but it is doing well.
Sunset, all pink and blue and grey.

In Rørvik we docked for half an hour, and another Hurtigruten was also there; MS Vesterålen, heading south. It is one of the older boats, and some of us popped over to have a look.
Vesterålen pålessing These ships move cargo as well, and in most harbours there are little forklifts unloading or loading pallets. Fish, flour, windows, all kinds of things. Tomorow morning, we cross the Arctic Circle. No Northern Lights yet, but we are really enjoying ourselves!


2 thoughts on “On Hurtigruten, day 3: Trondheim to Rørvik

  1. Rowena

    Ha! Today I was all over the Hurtigruten website having a look at the interior of the cabins. Still not sure if we should go inside or outside cabins, but I guess it all depends on how much a person is willing to spend. I’m more interested in space.

    1. krumkaker Post author

      The rooms are well designed, though not large. I really wanted a window, but on the deck below (5) on this boat, Nordlys, there is a promenade deck so people do walk by. We chose deck six to avoid that. Each boat is a bit different though, and some with windows have a life boat outside. There is a lot of room in the lounges, but a comfortable cabin is nice. Happy trip planning!


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