Saturday morning stroll

This morning I popped over to Trastevere, another neighborhood. Very pretty, with cobblestone streets and little shops, and pleasant despite being a bit touristy. A friend was in Rome for the weekend, and we met for coffee, so I ambled around in the morning quiet first. Lovely sunny morning.
Walking through quiet side streets, still wet from the rain.
Waiting at the fountain in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. Despite living a few streets away for several years, I had never noticed the SPQR in the fountain. (See upper left corner.)

….. Though you do see SPQR on the water manholes all over town. Meeting outside the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere is usually a safe bet, but it turned out I was meant to be outside San Francesco, just down the road, so I just made it, dashing down the street with church bells pealing from both sides.
There is a demonstration or two most weekends here, usually peaceful, and I bumped into people gathering for this demonstration across from Bocca del Verita, while I was waiting for a bus home to Garbatella. (For “Roman Holiday” fans, this is just across from the building where Joe and Ann get taken in to the police after the Vespa ride. That is next to Santa Maria in Cosmedin, where he shows her the Mouth of Truth.)
Santa maria in cosmedin
The bell tower is Santa Maria in Cosmedin, and as you can see, the rain was rolling in again. I hopped on my bus and was soon home, but it was really nice to have had those sunny morning hours ambling past such beautiful sights. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend too!


2 thoughts on “Saturday morning stroll

  1. Nancy

    Your one comment, “church bells pealing from both sides”, brought back such wonderful memories. To me, the sound of bells is Italy’s voice in all her glory…thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!


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