Ravenna weekend: Monday, and more mosaics

20131019-172339.jpgOn our last morning in Ravenna, we caught the local bus (number 4) to Classe, south of Ravenna, to see the Basilica of Sant’ Apollinare in Classe. How will we know where to get of the bus, we asked at our hotel? “You’ll SEE it! It’s just fields, and the church…” they laughed. And they were right. More beautiful mosaics, and a lovely basilica. Saint Apollinaris was the first bishop of Ravenna and Classe.

20131019-172403.jpgMust brush up on my Latin……

20131019-172430.jpgThe stylized sheep, in the paradisal landscape.

20131019-172508.jpgSarcophagus in the basilica. It was lovely and quiet.

20131019-172708.jpgOn to more mundane things: we got some groceries for lunch, for the train rise back via Bologna. Bread, some runny gorgonzola, and this mystery box which turned out to be something like pork scratchings.

20131019-172919.jpgWe had time in Bologna between trains, so my husband braved the rain to get these tigelle and pesto modenese. We discovered them on a Bologna weekend and could not resist the chance to get some more. Tigelle are a small disc-shaped bread, also called crescentine, and they are so delicious when lightly toasted, split and served with a light touch of pesto modenese. That is a mix of lardo (high quality cured fatback) with rosemary, garlic, salt. Perfect appetizer for non-vegetarians (also nice with our leftover gorgonzola).

Living in Rome and having the possibility of a weekend like this one in Ravenna is wonderful, it makes me really appreciate how lucky I am. Italy is so diverse in food and sights and culture, and there is always more to explore and learn. A weekend is not enough, but it is a start, and Ravenna is certainly a place I’d be happy to go back to.


2 thoughts on “Ravenna weekend: Monday, and more mosaics

    1. krumkaker Post author

      It is lovely! Very walkable, lots to see and great food and wine. Hope you get a chance to go. We had cheap-ish tickets on Italo, and even Trenitalia has some good deals.


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