Plum jam with Amaretto, orange and vanilla

20130817-201728.jpgA bowl of Italian plums: do they not look just wonderful? However, you can only eat so many, so jam-making was on the agenda. This time, plum jam with Amaretto.

20130817-201736.jpgPreparatory work:  salvage these rock-hard remnants of vanilla sugar. I’d planned to use orange juice in the jam, so instead of using plain white sugar, I poured the fresh orange juice into this jar of vanilla sugar, as it was crystallized and impossible to use. This actually worked, after a couple hours of soaking and shaking. Much easier, of course, to use plain sugar.

20130817-201749.jpgPlum jam with Amaretto

700 grammes plums
100 grammes white sugar
Juice and zest of one orange
Two capfuls of Amaretto, about 3 tbs
Half a teaspoon vanilla extract

Chop up the pitted plums, no need to peel them. I let the fruit macerate for 20 minutes or. In a wide pot, boil plums, orange juice, orange zest and sugar. You can leave jam chunky, or blitz it slightly with an immersion blender. I did not add pectin, as it was a firm-ish jam, but that is up to you. Taste it to see how the flavours have developed (careful, jam will be hot).

20130817-201803.jpgStart with clean jars, boil them five-ten minutes. Fish jars out with tongs, let them dry (but not sit around too long). Ladle jam into jars (a funnel helps). Be careful to keep the rim of the jar clean. Put put the lid on the jar (using cloths if necessary to hold it, it will be hot), then turn it upside down and leave to cool upside down.
20130817-201819.jpgThe small batch done, very nice colour……

20130817-201826.jpg… and delicious the next day on barley rolls. As this jam is low in sugar, it is best to keep it in fridge once opened and eat soon.


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