Shine On Award

My goodness, another award! This time from The Seasoned Traveler. A lovely blog, well worth visiting. Thanks so much for the honour! I have already bookmarked her Poached “Sticky Pears” with Orange-Date Glaze and Cardamom Whipped Cream – does that not sound delicious?

Shine on

The Shine On blog award is an award for fellow bloggers to celebrate and promote other blogs. It is so nice to read your posts and see glimpses of your lives, so many thanks to you all for sharing. I really appreciate the encouragement from fellow bloggers, and am delighted to pass this award on.

Here are the rules of the award:
1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back.
3. Share seven random, interesting things about yourself.
4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.

Seven random facts about me:
1. I speak Italian with great enthusiam, but with quite woeful grammar.
2. Last book read: “Quite Ugly One Morning”, by Christopher Brookmyre
3. I have lived longer out of than in my home country.
4. My next trip will be a weekend in Ravenna, Italy. (First time! Any advice?)
5. Alas, I am a lapsed snowboarder.
6. I have no idea how our fancy coffee machine at home works….
7. ….. fortunately I have a lovely husband who is a coffee-making maestro.

Here are the bloggers I would like to nominate:
Simply Start Cooking
Pink Peonies and Pearls
One Observing

All have blogs I read and enjoy, so please have a look! Entirely up to the nominees if they wish to accept and pass this on. This is just a thank-you from another happy reader.

My neighbourhood: Garbatella, Rome
My neighbourhood: Garbatella, Rome

PS I have a minor award backlog and will get to the others soon — many thanks to Delicious Daydreams and Sensitive Flour for those. Much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Shine On Award

  1. Hi! Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog, and thanks a lot for the nomination! Unfortunately I cannot write a post about this because my blog has a specific theme and “Mission” (listing 365 thing I miss about Italy 🙂 ). But I will be happy to share 7 interesting (?) things about me. See below.
    Ravenna is wonderful: don’t miss byzantin art, especially mosaics, Sant’Apollinare Church (S.Apollinare nuovo and S.Apollinare in classe) and Dante’s Tomb.

    Seven random facts about me:
    1. This is my fourth year in the U.S. and my English still sucks because I speak Italian all the time
    2. I am a Phd student in Italian Literature… In the U.S. isn’t it ironic? No it’s not. In Italy I could not find a job and here at least I can teach while studying for my PhD!
    3. I am probably the only Italian citizen who actually appreciates American Coffee (come guys it’s not that bad… just different! But different does’n mean bad right?)
    4. Last book read: “Ruined” by Lynn Nottage
    5. When I am in Italy I am still use my prehistoric Nokia cell phone (ten years old or something)…
    6. …in the States instead I have a super fancy 19$ Samsung
    7. One of my students once sent me the following email: “Please find in attachment my paper, I am so sorry, I didn’t turn it in this morning because it blew away with the wind while I was waiting outside ###### Hall” True story guys.

    Best 🙂

    1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed that. Your blog mission is excellent, and I am looking forward to reading what else you miss about Italy. And I will make a toast for you when I am in Ravenna next weekend!

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