Plums baked with oatmeal-polenta topping

What to make for dessert? A friend was on her way for dinner, and I had vaguely planned on a quick cake with plums, or a plum clafoutis (a flognarde!) – but had no eggs in the house. That hardly ever happens, but it has been such a busy week, and I am knackered and behind on so many things. Still, where there is desire for dessert, there is always a way. Nothing too heavy or sweet, as this friend is careful about calories, but I thought a scaled-down crumble-inspired baked plum dessert might work. Nothing like an impromptu dessert concoction to lift one’s spirits as well, it is so satisfying to assemble bits and pieces and have something quite nice to enjoy. Low-fat plain yoghurt on the side was nice and tart.

Are these Italian plums not gorgeous? “Italian plums….” I thought, initially reaching for flour. Maybe polenta in the jar next to the flour would work as well? To continue the Italian theme; just a little, for crunch? So polenta went in, not the flour.


Plums baked with oatmeal-polenta topping

9-10 plums stoned and halved, enough to cover the base of your dish
Two tablespoons of jam, optional
40 grammes oatmeal
30 grammes brown sugar
30 grammes polenta
30 grammes butter, slightly softened
Pinch of salt
For serving: plain low-fat yoghurt

Wash plums, halve and stone them. Layer the plum halved with cut side up in the base of a baking dish. Mix ingredients for topping, sprinkle over the plum halves. Bake at 200C for 25 minutes or so. Serve hot, with a little yoghurt or such on the side if you like.

A little of various topping ingredients……

Halved plums with a couple spoons of grape coulis (yes, the runny grape jam from earlier this summer. The jam was just for a bit of moisture and to avoid using more sugar.
Topping spread on, and voila – dessert!
And after dessert, life is always just a little bit better, don’t you think?


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