Sunset stroll on the Appia Antica

Appia Antica walkYesterday, after a long, lazy Saturday lunch, enjoying a glorious September day in the garden of  friends, someone suggested an sunset walk on the Appia Antica.
Appia Antica walkSo off we went, some participants with more energy than others.

Appia Antica walkLovely light. Pyramid shaped tomb ruins.

Appia Antica pavementWheel ruts still visible.

Appia Antica pavementLots of space to run!

Appia AnticaIt is so nice to still have an impromptu experience like this, and good friends to share it with!

Appia Antica sunset


6 thoughts on “Sunset stroll on the Appia Antica

  1. David Hart

    One of the most magical places in the world for me and at sunset you feel like anyone of the many old old old romans may walk out from behind one of their ancient tombs. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos.

  2. simplystartcooking

    I was there – it was my first place in Rome which I wanted to see myself. It was also sunset time… I remember that feeling which was exactly what you wrote… Wonderful. I wish I could live in Italy some day… Thank you and have a good day 🙂


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