Caprese salad, with summer on the wane


Today I saw the first pumpkin in the fruit and veg shop, a definite sign that summer is on the wane. Not that you would know from the weather, it was 28C again today and a slightly sticky walk back from the metro. Schools are starting up, and shops are re- opening after the summer holidays, including the pasta shop downstairs, finally open again. I do fancy pasta, but I was too hot to contemplate cooking anything, so a caprese it would be. Getting tomatoes, I saw the orange pumpkin wedges in plastic bags, next to the till and the vertiginous piles of fresh grapes. Zucca! Pumpkin, already!

Here I have been thrilled about the temperature dropping a bit, though you can still go out without a jacket. The nights are cooler, which is blissful, and suddenly the buses (still iregular) are busy again. Still, I am not sure I am ready for the Roman summer to be over just yet, I want a few more enjoyable weeks of sun and wearing pastels and eating watermelon. Seeing the pumpkin wedges reminded me of autumn, of spicy soups, of needing to wear socks again. No, definitely not ready for that after months in sandals. Autumn means there will be rain, and more bus strikes, as well as being time for the long, argumentative, mosquito-ridden meeting of our building’s tenants. No, a little more summer tranquility would be much more preferable.

By now I was hot, but home. Time for a quick cold shower, while my lovely husband assembled a caprese salad. Isn’t that pretty? No recipe needed: just a few fresh tomatoes, some good mozarella, a few basil leaves. Salt, pepper, a drizzle of olive oil. Just the perfect summer food, for a lovely September summer evening.

9 thoughts on “Caprese salad, with summer on the wane

    1. Thanks! So simple, but so delicious. I met friends at lunch today and had roast fennel in bechamel, which looked interesting but was just a bit heavy and dull. Nothing like the caprese we had, which was easy and so much better!

  1. Caprese is definitely simple and delicious! And it is good for lots of occasions: party, dinner starter, snack, etc. Interestingly it features the Italian flag: Green – White – Red, isn’t it?! ^^

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