Food shopping from Norway

Back in Rome after some days in Norway, with a suitcase laden with Norwegian food. I know, Italy has absolutely fantastic food, but sometimes it is just nice to have food from home, and not necessarily the gourmet kind….. This is the infamous tubeost, squeezy cheese in a tube. Not as terrible as it sounds, honestly! Here are some with bacon, with blue cheese and whiskey, with shrimp, and a bacon-pepper one. Norwegian supermarkets have shelves and shelves of these. 20130901-150000.jpg
Gooseberry jam made by my mother, Toro tomato soup with macaroni (so retro but so good), rye flour and barley flour, raspeball mix (for potato-rye dumplings), flatbread, dark syrup, marzipan and honey. 20130901-150008.jpg
And the chilled goods: cheese with caraway, sweet dark goat cheese, liver pâté, and kaviar, salted smoked cod roe. Oh, and a spreadable chorizo-parmesan cheese, very exotic. 20130901-145954.jpg
Smash chocolates, salty corn covered with chocolate. And two new akevitts to try, with wild caraway and one with wild caraway and apple.

Having unpacked all this, I must say it is still really nice to be back with fresh Italian fruit and vegetables. The peaches are still nice, the zucchini are green and shiny, there are piles and piles of fragrant cherry tomatoes, and I think a nice vegetarian curry might be on the menu tonight. Our local pasta shop (just downstairs – I could almost lower a basket to them with cash and get pasta sent up….) is still on holidays, otherwise we would be enjoying a plate of fresh ravioli with ricotta and spinach. Mmmmmmm…… Good thing the pasta shop re-opens this week. After a week of salmon, meat and potatoes up north I feel a definite pasta deficit creeping in.


7 thoughts on “Food shopping from Norway

    1. krumkaker Post author

      Thanks — we all have food we get nostalgic for, and a little taste of food from home is nice. I’d really miss the seasonal Italian fruit and vegetables if I left Rome, though.

  1. andmorefood

    I love the squeeze cheese, and the squeeze fish – both which sound gross but taste so good!

    and you’re so lucky to have homemade gooseberry jam – my best bet for that would be ikea!

    1. krumkaker Post author

      I have bought the IKEA gooseberry jam myself, it is not bad. But nothing can beat your mother’s jam. Those jars were very local food, until they crossed half of Europe with me to come back to Rome.


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