Picking blueberries

Wild blueberries Another sunny day, picking wild blueberries in Norway. Bærplukking Gorgeous summer day. Bærplukker Using a bærplukker, a berry picker. You comb through to collect the blueberries. Bærplukker Filling up. It takes a while. blueberries … Also, you need to eat some along the way. Delicious!Woods Cool, green, forest. Buckets with berries Home again with picked berries. Bærrist Another handy tool, a bærrist, used to sort picked berries. You pour on some of the berries, shake the tray so the leaves and twigs fall through, and pick out the lingonberries. Three buckets of berries All the blueberries and lingonberries, sorted. Plenty for homemade blueberry jam, and a very gratifying day.
Must be time for waffles!

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