the versatile blogger award


Many thanks to the delightful for nominating me for this award! I am honoured, and highly recommend a visit to her blog for gorgeous photography, interesting writing and lovely food.

This award asks winners to reveal seven things about themselves, so here are mine:


1) I am currently on holidays in Norway, which is wonderful.
2) I picked a half bucket of blueberries in the woods today.
3) Clothes shopping I will happily pass on, but a chance to browse an interesting kitchenware store? Never!
4) Currently reading “Taste: The Story of Britain Through Its Cooking” by Kate Colquhoun
5) .. but I am still confused about why the English call desserts “pudding”.
6) Scary movies give me nightmares.
7) After a couple days away from Rome I am really craving a decent cappuccino.

The Versatile Blogger award is given to those bloggers who are able to adapt and roll with changes and topics on their blogs. I am please to nominate these bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Bris Vegas Vego
Bread, Cakes and Ale
Greedy Wanderers
The Mountain Kitchen
Dish ‘n’ the kitchen

To pass it on, thank the blogger who nominated you, note seven things about yourself you’d like to share, and nominate other bloggers!

These blogs are all well worth exploring. So many talented people sharing their talents!
Thanks again for the nomination!

Norwegian garden. It is so green here!

Update November 2013: My goodness, another Versatile Blogger award! How nice! This time from the Transplanted Cook, an American in the UK. Many thanks again.


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