A sunny summer day in eastern Norway

A lovely summer day, on holidays in eastern Norway.

The neighbour has an apple orchard. The deer grazed on the young trees through the winter, but these survived.

It is so quiet compared to Rome, and there is so much space! This is not the gorgeous fjord country, which is on the west coast. This is an area of farms and woods, very pretty in its own way. It is lovely to have some days here visiting relatives.

Wildflowers along the path. Walk up the hill, and there are woods with wild blueberries and wild raspberries.

A field of oats, not quite ready for harvesting. Though we have only been here a few days, my city-bred husband has heard everyone mentioning “tresking”, combine harvesting. It is sunny dry weather, but most of the grain is not quite ripe. Wait too long, and September rain makes it difficult for machinery and grain humidity. Farms are smaller here, but finding the right time can still be a challenge. So people keep an eye out, and it keeps coming up in conversation over endless coffee cups. “Oh look, they have started to treske over there.” “Oh, I hear a combine harvester.” Riveting stuff, if you are not from an agricultural background…..

Lots of bird boxes, and I can hear birds all over in the trees and bushes.



2 thoughts on “A sunny summer day in eastern Norway

  1. Rowena

    So gorgeous, given the fact that when we think of Norway, it’s always fjord country (dream of taking a cruise up the coast one day).


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