Norwegian pancakes (pannekaker) with ricotta and grape coulis

What do you do when you make grape jam and it just will not set? Re-name the runny jam a coulis, and make a quick batch of simple pancakes for Sunday breakfast. Also, be very happy that the other jam batches with plums and pears made yesterday fared better. 20130818-130020.jpg

Norwegian pancakes (pannekaker)

2 eggs
6 desilitres semi-skimmed milk
One desilitre wholewheat flour (60 g)
Two desilitres plain flour (120 g)
Pinch of salt
1 tsp of butter for
the pan when frying

Filling for each pancake, optional
A generous spoonful of ricotta
A genrous spoonful or two of grape coulis ( i.e. runny grape jam….) or other filling you like.


Beat the eggs, add flour and milk and salt. Whisk well. Let batter stand half an hour on the counter. Heat the frying pan, add a teaspoon of butter and ladle enough batter in to barely cover the pan. It should be quite thin. Don’t worry, it will hold together enough to flip. (If not, add a little more flour to the batter). When done on one side, flip and fry on the other side until golden.


Spread a little ricotta on half of each pancake, and some jam on the other half. Roll up, and enjoy!


Notes: Now, what to do with the other three small jars of runny green grape jam……? Sorry, coulis? It is too hot to contemplate re-cooking them, I am fanning myself after the tiny exertion of emptying the dishwasher. English football started again yesterday, so there is no point in asking my husband (currently glued to yet another game). Maybe a dessert with whipped cream, like an English fool (no pun intended). Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Norwegian pancakes (pannekaker) with ricotta and grape coulis

  1. SP @ Third Culture Cooking

    Your blog is lovely! I love the combination of ricotta and grape in a pancake, sounds unusual and delicious!


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