A quick clafoutis with peaches, cardamom and Campari (a flognarde)


Since the bell peppers at the fruttivendolo looked great, we’d made pasties for dinner: a half portion of Dan Lepard’s pepper, tomato and poppy seed pasties (absolutely delicious!). Of course, it was really hot in the kitchen by the time the potatoes were cooked and cubed, the bell peppers were roasted and peeled, and everything was assembled. That is when you doubt the sanity of actually cooking at all before cooler weather or late September, ehatever comes first, as you mop sweat from your forehead with a stray tea towel and struggle to fit the Sriricha sauce back in the fridge, while stray paper bags of grapes and cucumbers tumble out onto the floor.

Fortunately, as I’m incredibly lucky to have a husband who also likes to cook, there were two of us assembling the pasties. That means the pasties were popped in the oven, we could close the kitchen door and escape to the marginally cooler living room while the pasties baked. And after ten minutes under the fan with iced tea, I felt revived enough to contemplate a little dessert.

New French word of the week: flaugnarde, or flognarde. Apparently, when other kinds of fruit are used in a clafoutis instead of cherries, the dish is properly called a flognarde.
Always something new to learn. Lots of possible combinations, so here’s another one to try.


Clafoutis with peaches, cardamom and Campari (a flognarde)
2 peaches, stoned and chopped
A splash of Campari, optional
3 eggs
50g sugar
1/2 teaspoon of cardamom, optional
75g of plain flour
200ml of milk
A little butter to butter the dish

Preheat the oven to 200C and butter your dish. Chop the peaches and pour over a splash of Campari, if you like that. About half a capsule is nice. Whisk together all the other ingredients to a smooth batter, and pour it over the batter. Bake until the flognarde is golden and puffed up, about 35 minutes or so. Sprinkle with icing sugar, and eat warm or cold.

Notes: I forgot to butter the dish, so that is still soaking in the sink….This was a little heavier than the apricot clafoutis (sorry, flognarde) I made last month, with no butter and less sugar in the batter. Lovely flavour and sweetness from the peaches, though.

Peach clafoutis, or flognarde


10 thoughts on “A quick clafoutis with peaches, cardamom and Campari (a flognarde)

  1. happynapkinface

    I just made a very simple peach clafoutis (er, flognarde) for the first time a couple of months ago! It was a Paleo version, and very custard-loke. Very scrumptious. 🙂 Yours sounds wonderful!

    1. krumkaker Post author

      Nectarines would be lovely! I will be reading up on this tonight in “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, it must be mentioned there. There is a nice flognarde recipe with pears here: http://www.lesgourmandisesdisa.com/2006/03/flognarde-aux-poires.html where the author says “…ce dessert, commun Ă  l’Auvergne, au Limousin, et au PĂ©rigord, a des orthographes très diffĂ©rentes :flaugnarde,flavignarde, flougnarde
      son nom est dĂ©rivĂ© de l ancien français “fleugne” qui signifiait mou, douillet
      on pourrait comparer ce dessert Ă  un clafoutis”

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