Isola del Giglio: last night, and departure

sunset Giglio
It was our last evening of a lovely week on Giglio, with an amazing sunset. In the distance,  the island of Montecristo (As in the book “The Count of Monte Cristo”.)

For our last holiday dinner we had ordered paella at Da Tony, which was just wonderful. It seemed pricey, at 48 euro, and the menu said minimum two people. However, as you can see it was more than enough for four people to share, with masses of fresh seafood piled on. Definitely something to enjoy again. I should dig out that paella pan (wedding gift) and try, though I am not sure where to find paella rice in Rome. Castroni, possibly? Or would using risotto rice in paella be an abomination?

amaro del Giglio
Dinner finishes with Amaro del Giglio, which assists digestion and is delicious

Sunset over the tower and beach.

Next morning: Luggage packed, all set for going back to Rome. Some by car, and some by taxi, ferry, bus, a very hot train, and bus…… Very warm experience. That shower waiting in the other end was very appreciated, before unpacking all the laundry and piles of holiday books. Also, some last-minute purchases.

On the left: Amaro del Giglio, which is fantastic, one of my favourite amari. We bring some back to Rome every summer. Amari (bitters) are Italian herbal liqueurs, usually bitter-sweet, served as a digestive after the meal. Lots of variations, beside the classics (Averna, Lucano, Montenegro, Ramazotti) and the homemade ones can be interesting. Ingredients may include herbs, spices, roots, citrus peel and more. Plus two new bottles to try, we found them in Giglio Porto: an amaro from the “antica farmacia” on Giglio (have not seen that one before) and a finochietto (fennel liqueur).

Now, settling back to Rome in August heat, and craving more seafood………

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