Isola del Giglio: pizza dinner in Castello

Giglio Castello at sunset
Giglio Castello is on the top of the island, a steep ride up on the local bus with lots of hairpin curves and amazing views. We arrived just as the sun was setting.

Giglio Castello Sunset over Castello. There is a small walled center there, little narrow streets on the hill.

sfilatinoWe went for pizza at Da Castellano, outside the walls, which does some interesting pizza variations. This is a sfilatino, an open rolled pizza (not closed like a calzone) with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, ham and more. We had two as a starter for eight people, which was plenty.

big pizzaThey also serve large pizzas, two variations possible on each pizza. Here, we had quattro formaggi and…. funghi and salsiccia, I think. As you can see, plenty to share.

Maria in CastelloPost-dinner stroll in the narrow streets of Castello, and a gentle reminder to greet Maria.


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