Isola del Giglio: a slow stroll in Campese

laundry in Campese
Laundry in Campese. It was a hot and sunny day, so laundry dried in no time at all.

Second cappuccino of the day at Da Tony, which is excellent for dinner but also good for a late morning cappuccino. The beach is just across the road.

vineyard in Campese
Vineyard in Campese (peri-urban horticulture!). The local wine is generally from the Ansonica grape, also called Inzolia when grown in Sicily.

butcher in Campese
At the butcher’s.

Salsiciccia Gigliese at the butcher’s (was it Angelo or Antonio?). Lovely salsiccia for a barbeque.

beach at Campese
Beach at Campese, where there are several stabilimenti (beach establishments where you can rent a beach chair and umbrella), as well the free beach where you can bring your own umbrella and towel. We preferred the latter.

boats in Campese
Lots of boats in Campese bay over the weekend, over from the Monte Argentario peninsula.

Campese sunset
Late afternoon. The beach is emptying out, people have gone home to their holiday flats for a rest before dinner, and a lovely sunset is on the way. We were on our way up by bus to Castello, the small town on the top of the island, for a breath of cooler air and a pizza.

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