Off to Isola del Giglio for summer holidays

Giglio Porto
It was a hot day to be traveling: bus and metro to Roma Termini, train from Rome to Orbetello, another bus to Porto Santo Stefano, and finally a ferry to Giglio. So worth it on arrival, though. Isola del Giglio is a gorgeous little island off the coast of Tuscany, and every summer we go there for a seaside holiday: swimming, sunsets and great seafood.

Costa Concordia
Yes, the Costa Concordia wreck is still there. Quite a sad sight, the wreck still there for the second summer. The salvage operations are ongoing: see for details. Really interesting reading; it’s a massive operation.

bakery Giglio Porto
Giglio Porto is pretty, but we were headed for the opposite side of the island, to Campese, on the north-western side. It’s a little seaside resort, with a sandy beach and rocky cliffs, great for snorkeling and lots of holiday accommodation.

holiday beer
First sunset drinks: cold beer on the beach.

Torre di Campese
The Torre di Campese, which withstood Saracen pirate attacks.

plate of moscardini
… And the first plate of moscardini fritti. Tiny little deepfried baby octopus, or musky octopus, so delicious! We had this several times, for study purposes (we really need to try making this at home…….). No batter, I think, just moscardini dipped in flour, maybe a little peperoncino? Deepfried quickly, served with a sprinkle of salt, finely chopped raw garlic and a little fresh parsley.


3 thoughts on “Off to Isola del Giglio for summer holidays

  1. Rowena

    Okay wordpress reader isn’t the best, because I swear this post wasn’t in it yesterday. Anyhoo….moscardini, lucky you! Living where we’re at, I can only get them frozen, and I also sometimes cook some up for the dogs. Delicious even in a kimchi sauce!


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