Leftover bread means bruschetta with garlic confit for dinner


What do you do when the bread is piling up on the counter? Time for French toast or bruschetta, clearly. From the left: a failed bread machine loaf (good taste, but no rise); a so-so beetroot loaf (not a fan of the raw beetroot taste, will try again with roasted beetroot ); and finally some respectable sourdough loaves. Fortunately, even mediocre bread can be resurrected as bruschetta. This is not a recipe, it’s more an approach: I’d planned to top these with cannellini beans and rosemary, but we went with tomatoes.

We had made garlic confit with garlic from Foggia: whole garlic cloves slowly, barely simmered in oil for 40 minutes or so. We had not watched them religiously, so they were a little browner than they should be, but the garlic confit had a lovely sweet flavour.

Toast your bread, or grill quickly on a sheet of foil in the oven. See, I told you the bread machine loaf was a sad sight.

Round one: a toasted slice of bread, with two cloves of the soft, slightly oily garlic confit mashed into the bread with a fork. Delicious! No need for extra olive oil.
Tomatoes in need of consumption. It’s pre-holiday “Everything Must Go!” time for the fridge, at least for anything fresh.
Round two: Top your next slice of grilled bread with more garlic confit, and as much chopped tomato as will fit. Add basil if you have some.
This is when you start wondering just how garlic-fragrant you might be tomorrow. Worth it, though!

Notes: the garlic confit is meant to keep for up to a month in oil in the fridge. I plan to use to take the rest on holiday with us and use some garlic confit cloves for pasta, for salad, and some in bread. It must also be excellent for keeping mosquitoes away.

Also, from today’s holiday packing: preparations for baking these green tea cupcakes; the maizena is for making gelato. There will be cooking, and a birthday celebration for a child who likes green tea (hopefully also in cake form). I know we’ll get great fresh seafood and veg, as we are going to an island, but for baking, I am less relaxed. No need to wonder why the suitcase is full already…..

packing for matcha cupcakes


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