Nubifragio (a sudden downpour)

This morning was gorgeous and sunny. We popped out for a cappuccino with a friend, got some groceries, and two loads of laundry dried in no time at all. All set for another uneventful, hot Roman afternoon.

Mid-afternoon, it started bucketing down. The papers will probably say it was a nubifragio, a cloudburst or sudden downpour, with a massive thunderstorm.

We closed all the shutters and watched, as the rain increased and it started to hail. Our piazza floods easily, with various streets draining into it, so cars were soon splashing through the water. Leaves and debris floated away, and that little Fiat Cinquecento may just have escaped being flooded. They are pretty hardy cars, from what I hear. The water is receding now.



One thought on “Nubifragio (a sudden downpour)

  1. Daniel Etherington

    We fled the park, made it home to get the laundry in, then enjoyed the fact that the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Yay – very refreshing. I’m enjoying these stormy breaks in the heat. Thanks for the new word too, which I can add to my vocab alongside acquazzone.


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