Sourdough loaf for Saturday breakfast

sourdough loaf

The smell of
baking bread is one of the many lovely things about weekend
mornings. That, and flinging all the windows open to let the cool
morning air in, though this morning there was smoke in the air,
which was odd — it turns out there was a small large fire at the nearby
school early today. Anyway, the smoke cleared by the time this
bread was done, and this loaf was a very nice breakfast indeed.
Timing this was easy. Friday morning, I refreshed the starter.
Friday evening, I made the dough, and it proofed overnight in the
fridge. Early Saturday morning: baked the bread.

sourdough loaf

Sourdough loaf for Saturday breakfast
180 g sourdough starter (100% hydration) 400 g plain flour
(I used 00) 100 g wholewheat flour 1 tsp salt
300 g water

sourdough loaf

Mix all ingredients, let rise a couple
hours, and fold dough a few times. Fold dough a last time and move
it to a floured banneton (I used semolina this time which worked
well). Cover dough and place in fridge overnight. The next morning,
take the dough out of the fridge while you pre-heat the oven to
250C for half an hour or so. When ready to bake, invert dough onto
an oven tray with baking paper, slash the top and bake at 250C for
45 minutes or so.

slices of sourdough breadNotes: this one
had proofed well, but spread out a bit when baked. However, the
bread had a really nice texture and an excellent crisp crust.
Good flavour, which is the most important
I’ll try some more variations of this, maybe bake
it with more steam or in a closed pot. I might also fold it again
in the morning, and then give it a couple hours to rise at room
temperature. Always fun to experiment and see what happens.


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