Puglia weekend: siesta in Lucera

Sunday in Lucera
Lucera is an easy twenty minute train trip from Foggia, on Ferrovie del Gargano, and we thought it looked like a nice afternoon destination. Note: if taking the train, do NOT get off at the first stop marked Lucera. It looked deserted, but the sign did say Lucera…… ? No, it was a residential area. The actual Lucera station is a ten minute walk down a dusty street, we discovered. Oh well, we were in no rush, so on we strolled.
walking up to Lucera
From the actual Lucera station, it is a slow walk up the hill to the pretty historic centre. So far, very quiet. A couple dogs were asleep on the sidewalk. Cobblestone streets, people carrying packages of pastry, on their way on lunch, nice piazzas. Very promising.

Lucera on a Sunday monument Lucera
The tourist office lady was very sweet, but looked a bit concerned when we asked about lunch. Oh no, she said. Not really prepared for tourists wanting lunch on a Sunday…. But she marked the map with places that might be open (six out seven were closed) and we had a very nice light lunch in one of the few open places, an enopizzeria.

window Lucera sign in Lucera
By one thirty, the centre was deserted. The coffee bars had packed up, and everyone had gone home for lunch.

painted house<br /><br /> Lucera painted house<br /><br /> Lucera
A small painted building near the amphitheatre. The Virgin Mary, Padre Pio and ….? Not sure. The amphitheatre was closed for lunch, of course, and we meant to wait. But we opted to keep strolling through the quiet streets, and look for coffee.

amphitheatre<br /><br /> Lucera window Lucera
Absolutely deserted, but quite pretty.

Juventus club in<br /><br /> Lucera Sunday in Lucera

All in all, a very relaxing and quiet Sunday afternoon. Then a train ride back to Foggia, which also gets very, very quiet mid-afternoon. A few hours later, the Foggia streets and piazzas were teeming with families, couples, grandparents, kids, chatting and people-watching, going for a passeggiata and a gelato. Very lively, and quite an interestingly different ambience from Rome.


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