Puglia weekend: arriving in Foggia

Cattedrale di Foggia

From Wikipedia: Foggia is the main city of a plain called Tavoliere, also known as the “granary of Italy”. It is a communication and industrial center and the main wheat market of Southern Italy. Foggia is famous for its watermelons and tomatoes. It seems to be a town people pass through, but do not necessarily travel to.

window in Foggia

We stopped there as it is less than three hours by train from Rome, not likely to have much foreign visitors but was supposed to be pleasant and have good food. It was much nicer than expected.

orechiette con finocchio selvatico pasta con pesto trapanese

We had noticed people outside Osteria Numero Dieci, near the market, and managed to squeeze in. Excellent food. Antipasto with salumi and fresh ricotta, pasta with almond pesto, orechiette with finocchio selvatico, veal involtini, and fabulous homemade amaro, made with cherries, we think.

Foggia station

At Foggia station, outside the newsagent on the train side there is a wall with little notes and thoughts on the wall; I have no idea why. We bought our tickets, and went to Lucera for the afternoon.


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